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Spa Marvel is an all natural spa water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water care


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Tired of rolling your solar blanket onto the pool? .....and then when you take it off - there is algae in the pool?

Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket

Solar blankets were devised to prevent evaporation in pools and hot tubs and thereby hold the heat in the water that would normally be lost through the loss of water vapour (evaporation).
Did you ever wonder why resorts don't use solar blankets even though it might get quite cool at night in Florida, Arizona or California?

It's because most of them use liquid solar blanket and have an automatic dispenser putting it cover free in the pool regularly so there is no fighting with the blanket, no rollers and no storage issues.
The average solar blanket lasts about 2 years and costs approx $125.00, so it doesn't take long to pay for a new system. Contact us and we can let you know how easy and inespensive it would be to eliminate your solar blanket.


Water Treatment Work Shops

Water chemistry still a mystery? Book your personal pool and or hot tub workshop and we will devote 30-45 minutes when it is convenient for you - to show you just how easy pool and or hot tub care can be. Protect your investment.

Hot tub and pool water should be tested once per month - testing takes about 5 minutes in our state of the art spin lab and is always complimentary for our customers.

Water Chemistry Made Easy - Call Store for Details 613-735-6845

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